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1st Day of Spring means thinking about Turkeys but also preparing for Fall Deer

The first day of spring isn’t when you start thinking about spring turkey hunting, that started at the end of deer season, but it is when the preparations and anticipation kicks into gear. The start of the season and our first group of hunters is just a month away. After last year’s great season it wasn’t a sure thing that we would have another good season this year but based on the number poults seen the last 2 summers and falls it should be great again this year. The Missouri Department of Conservation agrees as discussed in this release: We expect another exciting hunting season.

Spring is also the time to think about our food plots. We saw good germination from the clover we seeded last month which will provide a year around food source. In preparation for our spring food plot plantings we applied a custom blend of fertilizer based upon our soil samples. This also is the time to get our equipment in shape so we can plant corn, milo and soybeans later in the spring. It seems even with all the right preparations it’s always a rush to get the seed down when the weather is right and I expect that will be the case again this year.