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2016 Opening of Rifle Season

We were concerned going in to this season that expectations would be too high after the success we had last year. It turns out we didn’t have to worry as yesterday was an incredible start to rifle season. By 8:00 am we had 3 bucks, 2 does and a coyote down. Four of these were all taken along a ridge within 1/2 mile area (stands 8, 9, and 10) and the fifth from across the valley (stand 37). At 11:40 we had another beautiful buck (stand 38). One hunter took a buck, a doe and a coyote.
The cooler temperatures seemed to really get the deer moving. We will see how the season progresses but we and our hunters are very happy with the start.

 bandy-1 buck-trio chris-1 chris-2 eric-1 landy-1