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A Great First Week of the Season

Monday was rainy but Tuesday took it to a whole ‘nother level. We received 5” of rain in a 24 hour period making the hunting conditions much tougher. This didn’t deter our hunters who took advantage of our 4 box blinds, 2 covered tower stands and a few portable stand umbrellas to endure the wet conditions. Unfortunately the deer weren’t moving and this became the only day that no one took a deer.

Wednesday morning presented much better conditions and the results followed. By 9:00 am we had 2 bucks down; a small 7 point and a real nice 8. Early afternoon brought a doe and a 200lb, monster 8 point. Just before dusk 2 more does were taken bringing the days total to 6 deer.

This finished off five great days of hunting for our nine hunters from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The final tally was an outstanding 7 bucks and 4 does plus 2 coyotes. Add in the 2 bucks and 2 does taken by our staff on Thursday and this morning and the total is 15. A truly memorable week.

The hunters went home with plenty of venison and some great memories. One group has already reserved slots for next year. That will be their fifth year hunting with us and we really appreciate their trust in us.

We have 4 more hunters coming in today and we hope they can enjoy the same success as this first set of hunters.