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A Beautiful Day to be in the Woods

Getting out in the woods on a beautifully clear, sunny day following an ice storm can provide some spectacular views. It was quite a contrast between the north facing slopes which were still ice covered in the afternoon versus the south facing slopes where the melting was taking place.

It was also a bit treacherous as I found out. I had stopped to check a trail camera and misjudged how slick the ground was. In a matter of a few seconds I performed 3 Olympic events starting with speed skating transitioning to cross country skiing finishing with figure skating and a perfect triple klutz landing on my butt. With nothing hurt more than my pride, I was pleased to discover that I was not in range of the trail camera. I did not want any photographic evidence of this escapade.
The rest of the day was fortunately less eventful as I finished checking trail cameras, reloading feeders and pulling cushions and loosening straps on tree stands. All of these require some work but also a certain amount of joy just to be out on this beautiful piece of land.


Enjoy the woods but be careful out there.