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“Best hunt of my life!”

That was the quote from a gentleman with 30 years of hunting experience after his hunt last Saturday morning and that’s without taking a shot! He saw a total of 17 deer including 1 10 point, 3 8 point, a 4 point and a spike. He described one of the 8s as a ‘monster’. He had deer working around him all morning long. For those that have hunted with us, he was in stand 37 over the 7 acre field. That makes 3 huge bucks that the two of them have seen since they started hunting Thursday. Unfortunately his partner had missed one of those monsters at 30 yards yesterday due to some bad luck. After the storms and cold front came through Thursday night, the deer have really starting moving again. We are hopeful that they will fill those tags by the time they leave on Sunday

In other news, we have three new stands for our hunters to choose from this season bringing our total to 50 stands. The new stands include a box stand beside a food plot, a tower stand along the creek and over a food plot and a latter stand in the woods near the top of a ridge. We have a new aerial map of our property with the stands marked on our website here ( For reference, the new stands are numbered 45, 46 and 31a.

Also, we dropped the electric fence surrounding our soy bean food plot and are anxious to see how long it takes the deer to locate this new and, in this area, rare food source. We’ll check the trail camera in the next few days to see what’s happening.

We look forward to our two groups of rifle hunters arriving on Friday. They have hunted with us for several years and we think they will be very pleased with the enhanced food plots, additional stands and most of all the trail camera and hunter reports of a great population of shooter bucks.