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Drought Results in stepped up Supplemental Feeding

The drought we had last fall knocked back our food plots significantly. As a result we stepped up our off-season supplemental feeding substantially to make up for the loss of browse that would have otherwise been available. We have put out over a 1000 lbs of feed through 7 feeders spread across the property so…

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Land Management means prescribed burns

The conditions were finally perfect yesterday to get some areas burned. We were very happy to finally get this safely accomplished this year. Burning areas on a rotating basis is something we try to practice every year. They used to be called ‘controlled burns’ now they are referred to as ‘prescribed burns’. I’m guessing that’s…

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A Beautiful Day to be in the Woods

Getting out in the woods on a beautifully clear, sunny day following an ice storm can provide some spectacular views. It was quite a contrast between the north facing slopes which were still ice covered in the afternoon versus the south facing slopes where the melting was taking place. It was also a bit treacherous…

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2016 Opening of Rifle Season

We were concerned going in to this season that expectations would be too high after the success we had last year. It turns out we didn’t have to worry as yesterday was an incredible start to rifle season. By 8:00 am we had 3 bucks, 2 does and a coyote down. Four of these were…

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