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Early Season Update

The cooler temperatures have arrived and the trees in the Ozarks have begun to change colors which mean that deer season is upon us. In preparation, we have spent the last several weeks in the woods with our guide, Charlie Connell, scouting for signs and new stand locations. We are seeing many new, fresh scrapes and rubs and have noticed a larger acorn crop than the prior two years. Our trail cameras are picking up more bucks at every site as well. After catching shots of bucks almost exclusively at night we are now beginning to get some daytime shots.

As a result of our observations and the trail cams findings we have relocated 2 stands and put up 4 new ones. This brings our total number of stands to 48 including a combination of box stands, tripods, and double and single tree stands. We believe we have some outstanding new stand sites to go with a host of time-proven stand locations.

We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to the arrive our first hunters in a couple of weeks.

Here are some recent trail cam shots to help you get excited about the upcoming season.