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Five Buck tags filled after 3 days of hunting

We had a great opening day but with a little luck we could have had an exceptional day. Our 9 hunters bagged a 10 point, an 8 point, a doe and a White Oak (I promised not to name names). Everyone saw deer with most seeing shooter bucks. There were several missed opportunities though they were for the most part long shots. We were encouraged to see the deer moving.

The rains came Monday making the hunting uncomfortable but it didn’t keep the deer from moving. A monster 11 point was taken early in the day from a tower stand on some power lines close to the lodge. The stand is not often hunted because it is only a few hundred yards from a road through the property but this doesn’t overly spook the deer. Alan did a great job grunting him in and getting him off the does he was chasing. It’s one of the biggest bucks taken here is the last several years. A nice 8 was taken later in the day bringing the total to 5 buck tags filled with 4 hunters still working in the rain today to fill theirs. The rains will continue through the rest of the day but the forecast is better for tomorrow so there is still time to fill those remaining tags.