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Great Numbers of Bucks on Trail Cams

We have never captured this many bucks on our trail cams! We have seen over a dozen shooter bucks at multiple locations across the property. We have captured a few shots of sparring bucks in the past years but this year we have multiple shots in many different sites. It has been difficult to review the hundreds of pictures and cull out just the best. We are posting more pictures than usual because there were so many impressive deer and scenes. We hope you enjoy them. For those hunters joining us next month we will have many more to share with you.

In other news, we have been out preparing the nearly 50 stands for the season and, in fact, have added 3 more for this season. We are already seeing scrapes and rubs. This is a bit earlier than we would expect so we will see if the rut is earlier than usual. The acorn crop is good but maybe not quite as big as last year. Hopefully, the deer will venture out to the food plots and fields more this season than last. We have seen an amazing number of turkeys this fall. This spring’s hatch was excellent as we are seeing large numbers of first year birds. It should be a great fall hunt and an exciting spring season next year.

We still have some openings for bow, rifle and muzzleloader season. If you are looking for an exciting hunt on some beautiful land with great accommodations, check our Get Started page for information of our hunting packages.

Happy Hunting.