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It’s Not Always about Hunting

Here at Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures we do a great deal of work year round to improve our property, enhance the wildlife habitat and scout for deer and turkey. It seems like there is always something that could or should be done with the hunting operation. I would be lying if I said it was all work and we didn’t enjoy what we were doing. It’s hard to complain when your task is to walk through the woods on an early spring day checking out deer and turkey signs. We’ve already seen enough to know this is going to be an outstanding spring for wild turkey.

We actually do find time for activities that are not directly hunting related. One of those activities that has been an on again and off again effort over the last 2 years is restoring what started out as a 1947 civilian Willys jeep model CJ2A. Though it was running when we got it, we soon discovered that it had a cracked block and we would need to find a replacement. We started by completely disassembling the vehicle and determining which parts were still usable and what had to be replaced. Sourcing parts for these old Jeeps is not as difficult as you might imagine as long as you are not concerned about producing a totally ‘stock’ vehicle. There are a number of collectors / dealers and a large network of aficionados available to help in answering questions and to track down the right part. It finally took 2013-10-19 09.03.08 (Medium)a Willys Industrial 134.2 cubic inch L Head engine from a Hobart Welder from Sikeston Missouri, a tub from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, T-90 transmission and running frame from Camdenton, Missouri and many other parts from all over the Midwest to make one complete 1946, 47, 4x Willys CJ2A jeep.

In addition to the mechanical elements there was extensive work needed on the body. Since this is destined to be a ranch vehicle not a lot of care was taken to make it look showroom new. It did take many hours, however, just to grind off the 4 to 6 layers of paint we encountered. A rattle can paint job with flat black gives it the needed dressed up look while still being ready for the abuse it will encounter bumping over the roads and through the woods on the ranch.

A major milestone was reached when we started it for the first time recently and actually drove it for a mile or so. Now, this is not to say it’s done, however. There are a few small items to complete such as a fuel tank, seats, windshield and roll bar. With the old saying “The last 5% takes 95% of the time” in mind, we wouldn’t expect to be offering rides in the next few days but hopefully it won’t take too long to get her trail ready. This is going to be a great way to get around on the property and we hope our hunters will enjoy the ride.

We plan to at least have it ready by September 13 when MHOA is hosting a Military Vehicle Preservation Association – Santa Fe Chapter drive around and cook-out here at the Lodge and ranch. If you are interested in Military Vehicles we recommend you check out the following link and if interested in Willys CJ2A’s check out this site And if you’re wondering why we don’t just buy a bench ATV and not mess with these old jeeps… well “You Wouldn’t Understand, It’s a Jeep Thing”.