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MHOA Partners with CS Outdoors LLC

Several weeks ago we met with Cory Smith, founder and owner of CS Outdoors LLC, to learn more about his company and the services they could provide to Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures. Through a mutual friend we heard of the good work Cory was doing in consulting on wildlife management, particularly Whitetail deer. We were interested in working with an expert to evaluate what steps we are taking to manage our deer herd and to help us develop a short-term and long-term plan to further enhance our habitat and practices.

Cory met us at our Lodge and we took him on a tour of the property. He quickly saw how unique the property is why it produces a large population of whitetails and why it has the potential to regularly produce more trophy whitetail with some added management procedures. We were immediately impressed with Cory’s knowledge of whitetail habitat and his experience with developing strategic plans for improving the herd.

Following this meeting and receiving Cory’s proposal, it was clear that CS Outdoors LLC would be able to enhance our operation through several services they offer including; wildlife/habitat management, consultation, video services and marketing. We are proud to be partnering with this outstanding company. We are now in the progress of reviewing Cory’s very detailed plans and laying out a priority list to begin working on right away.

About CS Outdoors LLC

CS Outdoors is committed to making every true outdoorsman’s hunting experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Our services and products provide hunters, conservationist and land owners the opportunity to create and transform their property into whatever they dream it to be, whether that be a hunting mecca, a reputable outfitter or just a profitable piece of investment property.
We are committed to producing managing and hunting mature, trophy whitetails. We are committed to the conservation of our sport and instilling the true meaning of our sport in the minds of future generations. Find out more about us by visiting out website

From Corey Smith, founder and owner

“MHOA has the land structure and geographic setup to become an outfitter that produces true trophy whitetails on every hunt. Their lodging and facility is second to none and the owners and guides make the deer camp feel like you have been hunting with them for years. They have strategic stand locations and food plots in place on their property and put in the extra effort to increase the chances of their hunters harvesting trophy whitetails. MHOA is an outfitter you will go home happy with on every hunt.”