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Early Season Update

The cooler temperatures have arrived and the trees in the Ozarks have begun to change colors which mean that deer season is upon us. In preparation, we have spent the last several weeks in the woods with our guide, Charlie Connell, scouting for signs and new stand locations. We are seeing many new, fresh scrapes…

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Preparing for Another Great Deer Season

It’s now early October and we are just about set for another great deer season. We have been busy the last two months with the many tasks necessary to prepare for the season and the arrival of our first hunters. We began in August by setting out mineral blocks. These provide the nutrients needed for…

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MHOA Partners with CS Outdoors LLC

Several weeks ago we met with Cory Smith, founder and owner of CS Outdoors LLC, to learn more about his company and the services they could provide to Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures. Through a mutual friend we heard of the good work Cory was doing in consulting on wildlife management, particularly Whitetail deer. We…

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It’s Not Always about Hunting

Here at Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures we do a great deal of work year round to improve our property, enhance the wildlife habitat and scout for deer and turkey. It seems like there is always something that could or should be done with the hunting operation. I would be lying if I said it…

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Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures Donates to Taste of Adventure

Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures was pleased to support this year’s Taste of Adventure Great Outdoor Auction and Benefit Banquet. This annual event supports both the Ronald McDonald House and the Southwest Missouri Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. These are two wonderful organizations that provide support and leadership development to families throughout the region….

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Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

Almost all of the hunting groups that we have hosted were comprised of fathers and sons and other close family members. It’s very gratifying to see them enjoy an activity together, an activity they started many years before. And even though deer season is many months away, now is the time to take a few…

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Deer (Shed) Hunting Season is Here

I really don’t need an excuse to have a great day spent hiking through the woods. Bundled up on a cold, crisp morning walking through the woods, mostly clear without their leaves, and seeing sites you wouldn’t see any other time of the year is its own reward. Every trip to the woods naturally involves…

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Missouri Turkey Hunters in for a Good 2014 Spring Season

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that good hatches in 2011 and 2012 creates an abundance of mature birds for this Spring. Missouri’s turkey harvest ranks among the top states each year and 2014 will not be an exception. Our deer hunters last fall reported seeing large numbers of birds throughout the season. We…

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Redesigned Website and New Domain Name

We are proud to announce that we have made a number of important improvements to our website. First of all we have a new domain name; This replaces but requests for that URL will be redirected automatically to the new site for the foreseeable future. We hope this will make the site easier…

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Our first group of hunters complete a successful hunt!

Our first group of hunters are back home in Louisiana with plenty of venison and, hopefully, plenty of great memories. They are a great group of bow hunters and a great group of guys and we were happy to have them back for a second year. Their hunt started with several mild days but it…

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