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Seeding / Reseeding Clover in our Food Plots

It was plenty cold and there was a dusting of snow and sleet at our place but this was a good opportunity to reseed several of our food plots and plant some seed in a few new areas. Clover is one of the best plantings you can have for deer. We have had good luck with Ladino though there are other varieties that cost less and also do well.

So for all the mathematicians out there; if a clover seed is 1mm in size and the apertures on the seeder are set at 20mm wide and the distributor on the seeder is spinning at 1200 rpm, how fast do you drive the ATV to apply the seed at a rate of 4 lbs per acre? Got that? It wouldn’t really matter since we don’t have any gauges on the ATV anyway. Our approach is to first know the size of the food plot, fill the hopper with enough seed to cover that area and drive at a speed that will distribute the seed over the full plot. It takes trial and error but usually by the second or third plot we are doing pretty well.

We saw plenty of turkey and turkey signs while we were out. All indications are that this will be an outstanding spring season. If you are looking for a wonderful spring hunt check out our hunting packages on our Get Started page.