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About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing each guest with an outstanding hunting experience while continuing our ongoing commitment of improving the natural habitat and environment.

The Owners

MHOA Owners v2Brothers Don, Rob and Rick Mihalevich are owners of Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures, LLC, (MHOA). We have managed this property for over 50 years in partnership with Sun Valley Ranch, LLC, which is also owned by the family. While a small cattle operation is maintained in the open range areas of the ranch, we have taken steps to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife diversity of the land. Food plots have been planted with a variety of plants to add needed nutrients and minerals in order to provide greater food sources and reduce over-winter stress.

We are experienced hunters with over 30 years of hunting experience and a deep respect for the outdoors. Each of us is committed to bringing the best possible hunting experience to our guests.

The Professional Hunting Guides

Our guides have many years of experience hunting this particular property. Charlie, our principal guide, is a retired employee of the Missouri Department of Conservation. He is an outstanding hunter in his own right and has many years of experience as a seasoned guide for a wide diversity of game. Outstanding results are based on the many years of experience hunting this property and through regular scouting and use of trail cameras that are strategically placed throughout the property.

Tree, tower and box stands have been placed throughout the property at locations the deer are known to frequent. Each evening our guides review recent scouting results, weather forecasts and hunter preferences to determine the next day’s hunting locations. Every morning the guides transport you to your hunting spot prior to the break of dawn. You are given the option of staying in that stand through the day or coming in for lunch. After lunch we return you to a hunting area for the remainder of the day. We pick you up at the end of the hunting day and bring you back to the comforts of the lodge.

Our guides also help in processing your harvest on site or transporting it to a local processor who will cut, package, and freeze your venison. Your meat will be ready to take with you when you travel home. If you decide to have your trophy mounted simply let your guide know and they will help prepare it properly and if you wish, put you in contact with a local experienced taxidermist.


Dispersed throughout the property are several springs, ponds and small creeks providing both regular water sources and added beauty to the property. The property has been managed to improve the natural habitat for deer, turkey and other wildlife through moderate, strategic clearing, maintenance of hedgerows, feathered field edges and other conservation efforts. Over the years we have added to our wooded areas by planting wildlife-friendly seedlings each spring along with deer management strategies to improve reproduction, growth rates and antler size.

Contact Us

Missouri Hunting & Outdoor Adventures is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountain region of South Central Missouri. We are located at:

11411 Buckeye Road
Crocker, MO 65452

You may contact us via email at or call us at 573-723-1899.

We look forward to booking your next Missouri hunt.